To Tune Stagnant levels

Experimental background

As a result of the experiment to increase the return rate, which is important in all games, the purpose of this experiment is to increase the 7 Day Retention by modifying the level at which many users stay.



A hypothetical

1. The level at which users are concentrated in common will be problematic.

2. If you tune the problematic level, the user will naturally solve the level and increase the retention.

An experimental method

Level data from the date the user installs the game to the date of ~n is extracted. (The more data and the longer the data, the better.) The graph below shows how many users are staying at the level from the day of installation to the first day after installation with data installed for a total of two days.




Level progress of the user installed on October 23rd (on the day of installation) Level progress of the user installed on October 23rd (one day after installation)


Based on the graph selected in this way, find the level section where the user is concentrated in common. For example, if 100 users have installed it, there are 20 users staying at Level 8 on the 23rd, and if it is similar on the 24th, it can be determined that it is a problematic level.


These levels have the following in common.

1. Level that causes the user to use meaningless turns (Move)

2. Level difficult for users to understand at the beginning (such as creating and clearing special blocks)



Level Special with Unnecessary Move



Level to clear using blocks


These level sections were found based on data and modified as follows so that users could proceed to the next level more easily.



Modified Level


In the case of No. 1, after using the first move, the basic block was placed so that the next turn was not used meaninglessly, and in the case of No. 2, the board was expanded to make it easier to create a special block.


As a result, there was a change in the graph that was concentrated at the initial level. Looking at the graph below, it can be seen that the users have moved more to the right (later level).



Graph changes after modification (on the day of installation)



Graph change after modification (one day after installation)

The results of an experiment

*For security reasons, we do not disclose detailed data.


7 Day Retention is Higher?



The result of this experiment would have been a failure if the user added more game progress after modification, but the Retention was dropped. Although the exact increase cannot be disclosed for security purposes, it can be confirmed that the 7 Day retention, which was the purpose of this experiment, has significantly increased.


The levels corrected in question may have been difficult or just boring. The reason cannot be determined, but what is clear is that it has negatively affected users. It led to the breakaway and caused the retention to be lowered.


Therefore, it is very important to find these stagnant level intervals. Steadily tracking and analyzing these stagnant level sections based on data to establish an appropriate level will serve as a stepping stone to making a good game.