Testing Remote Automation


A test process is essential for game release. Tests confirm basics such as whether the game is running well, the UI is functioning normally, and additional points such as whether bugs found under certain conditions in the game have been fixed.

For this, it takes time to test with various devices, which has a practical problem. The number of devices owned by the company and the time we can conduct the test work are limited. In addition, if a person conducts a test, he or she may miss some of the tests by mistake, and a bug may be found in the missed test.

Remote automation tests were attempted as a way to compensate for the above problems.


Testing Remote Automation

Running a test script on a personal computer, as shown in the figure below, sends automated tests to each of the various devices to run tests and verify the results.

Test method

1. Create automation test script with appium, selenium

Test scripts are written using Appium and Selenium to remotely operate mobile devices.

2. Connect with Automation Test Support Server

Remotely connect devices to servers that operate services that can be used for automation testing.

(including Browser Stack, AWS Device Farm, Kobiton, etc.)

3. Run the script that you connected to the server to see the results

Run the script and check the results of the operated test at the service connected to No 2.

If there is a problem with the test process, repair the test script.

Test result screen in Browser Stack

As shown in the figure below, the test results can be checked by video and log.



Expectation effectiveness

1. Most services that support automated testing can have and use a variety of devices, so testing is possible without restrictions on devices.

2. If you spend time writing an automated test script early on, you can spend the time you spend testing afterwards on other tasks.

3. The test can be carried out and the results can be checked in a fixed process, so there is no fear of missing the test.


Desired things

When testing iOS games, only devices registered in Provisioning Profile can install the ipa file, so it is regrettable that it is difficult to test iOS games if the idfa is not identified or the idfa is changed.