[Interview] Level Designer - Yoo Soo-yeon

1. Please introduce yourself briefly.
Hello, I’m Yoo Soo-yeon, a level designer who is developing Bubble genre games in Puzzle1studio Team S2.


2. What do you do and what do you do in your team?
Team S2 is responsible for updating Bubble Pop and Bubble Pop Origin, which are currently being published by BitMango

We are aiming to develop another Bubble production this year.
As a level designer, I am in charge of level-related tasks such as level production, data-based level modification, A/B test design and performance.


3. I’m curious about the team’s daily schedule!
With the Daily Scrum, our team will start their day by sharing today’s tasks, briefly discussing and helping areas.
Also, we check user reviews every day and share them one by one. You can know directly what users are satisfied with and what they are uncomfortable with

It is very helpful for us to set the direction of the update. I naturally gain strength when I see reviews praising the game.
After that, we focus on our work and talk for a while while going to buy coffee together when the company cafe opens. ☕
It’s a short time, but it’s nice to talk in a casual atmosphere, so I can comfortably talk about things that I was stuck in while working, worries, and ideas that came to mind.


4. What is the role and strength of Level Designer in game development?
Level Designer plays a role in creating high-quality levels and making use of the unique fun of the genre.
The advantage of Team S2 is that it has accumulated its own know-how in the Bubble genre as it has been steadily developed Bubble games. All of our team members value the user experience

I want to brag that we are giving feedback to each other and reflecting it in our work.


5. When did you feel the most rewarding while working?
Of course, I am happy when sales go up, but personally, when there is a saying that the level is fun or challenging in the user review,

I’m thrilled because I think the level of fun has been created as I intended.


6. What are your business challenges?
Puzzle1studio has weekly and game update routines, so it’s important not to be pushed back.
At the beginning of the job, when I was in charge of several tasks at the same time, there were situations where I was concentrating on one task and my schedule to do other tasks decreased.
Through 1O1 with my manager, I was able to help with setting priorities more carefully and manage my schedule better than before. 🙂


7. What are you doing to strengthen your job competency?
I’m mainly studying through an in-house study. Since we share opinions together, it’s good to learn from various perspectives with ideas that you can’t think of when you study alone.
Also, I think it’s good to be responsible for self-development because it’s an activity together.
I’m currently participating in two studies. Bubble genre planners have been participating in a study since last year to study game planning materials together regardless of genre.
Recently, we opened a study with planners with a similar time of joining the company with the aim of “Let’s find a site that is useful for work and can be shared greatly in-house!”
I often use the game/level designer COP curriculum as a study material.
It is very useful because it has accumulated materials and in-house know-how that directly help you plan the puzzle.
COP also allows you to ask questions or receive feedback in real time, and interacting with the team beyond the title is a great help in strengthening your capabilities.


8. Any advice for Level Designer applicants?
Since it has a distinctive tendency from domestic and core game users, try various popular puzzle games with high global sales rankings

It would be good if you get used to the elements that major users of the global puzzle game that Puzzle1studio aims for.
In addition to analyzing game elements, it would be good to pay attention to the play that users experience created by those elements.

If you think about how a level designer creates such an experience, it will be helpful for your future work.


9. Who would you like to work with if a new team member came in?
A person who makes many comments to improve the user experience.

I don’t think, “I’m a level designer, so if I make a good level, it’s over.” I hope that someone who can give an opinion to make our game better.
They are also people who share difficulties quickly and find solutions together. I think a faster solution will come out if you share the difficulties and ask questions rather than thinking about it alone.


10. Why did you choose a game company and why did you choose Beat Mango among various game companies?
I’ve made a simple game myself, and it was quite rewarding that other people played the game I made and told me it was fun.

So I chose a game company because I thought that if I work for a game company, I could play the contents that I made to many people.
The games I usually enjoyed were mainly global or North American target casual games, and I became interested in BitMango, which I thought was an overseas game company, after learning that it was a domestic company.


11. If you have any special know-how to join BitMango/PuzzleOne, please share it!
I think the timing was good that I applied without thinking about it.

While preparing for the job, it was very helpful to play and analyze the games in service at Puzzle1studio and write a reverse plan.


12. What do you want to achieve in BItMango?
It’s the world’s best Bubble game where play is really fun 😄