[Interview] Platform Programmer - Park Byung Wook

1. Please introduce yourself briefly.
Hello, I’m Team Platform programmer Park Byung Wook from Puzzle1studio.


2. What do you do and what do you do in your team?
Team Platform manages the errors that occur during game development to improve quality, automates testing and builds, and develops common code, so studios focus on games

I am in charge of improving the development environment so that I can work efficiently. Mobile SDK integration such as promotion, payment, login, crash report, CI/CD, test automation, etc

We are working on the InHouse dashboard. Due to the nature of the team’s work, we are collaborating with various teams through game development and launch, such as publishing, launching, and CS team

I think it’s an important task that affects all games of Puzzle1studio.


3. I’m curious about the team’s daily schedule!
Weekly Scrum every Monday and Daily Scrum every morning to share business progress and issues, and actively comment.
As the mobile market is changing rapidly, problems that our team needs to solve continue to arise.
To address these issues, we continue to seek opinions within the team and find efficient ways to solve them.


4. What is the role and strength of Platform Programmer in game development?
Platform Programmer provides common features for ease of use and automates repetitive work processes to help you develop your game efficiently.
I think the strength of this is that it is easy to apply and change functions such as promotion, payment, login, and store update to the game.


5. When did you feel the most rewarding while working?
There was a lot of modification to the existing code to help many users enjoy the game by launching it in various stores.
In-house game programmers have tried to modify the platform package so that they can easily write code without complicating it to accommodate multiple stores.
The work took longer than I thought and I was tired before I distributed it, but it was very rewarding when I went one step at a time and distributed the revised version and received positive feedback.


6. What are your business challenges?
Problems arise when you have to solve crashes that are difficult to determine the cause.

If the call stack’s information is not clear, if it is a problem that occurs only in a specific OS version of a specific device that does not have it inside, we cannot check whether the problem is fixed in the development environment.
This takes a lot of effort and time, such as reinforcing logs, tracking code changes, and reviewing suspicious codes.


7. What are you doing to strengthen your job competency?
I’m trying to develop a library.
As we develop libraries, we write interfaces in consideration of the user’s position, and as we do so, we naturally have the ability to write easy.


8. Any advice for Platform Programmer applicants?
If you identify clear causes of various problems based on your knowledge of computer science and solve them efficiently, you can find yourself growing up at some point.
When developing a platform, there are cases where various libraries need to be applied to various operating systems.

At this time, it would be nice to have knowledge of the process of building by operating system and experience in developing a library that provides functions for various operating systems.


9. Who would you like to work with if a new team member came in?
It has the ability to understand efficient processes based on an understanding of the game development process in the company, and the ability to easily solve complex logic by writing code legibly

I think it’d be nice if you had one. If you come to our team, you can improve your overall understanding of game development and grow greatly by taking the lead in various tasks.
If you are a meticulous developer who is interested in developing a platform, please apply to our team!


10. Why did you choose a game company and why did you choose Puzzle1studioamong various game companies?
I chose a game company because I wanted to solve complicated problems as I became interested in programming.
Puzzle1studio distributes games to many users, so I chose them because I expected that they would encounter problems that they could not easily experience.


11. If you have any special know-how to join Puzzle1studio, please share it with us!
I think I conveyed my strengths well in the interview based on my understanding of object-oriented programming.