[Interview] Game Programmer - Park Heejin

1. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, I’m Park Heejin, a programmer who develops Bubble Shooter games in Puzzle1studio Team S2.


2. What do you do in your team and what are your responsibilities?

We are developing games and updating content that will allow users to enjoy them longer.
Until recently, I worked mainly on developing and updating Bubble Pop and Bubble Pop Origin among the company’s games.
These days, we aim to release a new product with a better sense of operation and interesting content.


3. What’s the atmosphere of the team?

Team S2 is a team that laughs well and unites well. Everyone has a round personality and laughs a lot, so it’s fun to drink coffee together.

Other than that, we talk to each other a lot and give feedback hard.


4. I’m curious about your daily routine.

When I get to work, I start by simply sharing my personal work through the Daily Scrum. After that, we briefly go through the User’s View and share the most memorable reviews on the Tim Slack channel.

There are times when you are touched by compliment reviews, and when you find out the unexpected difficulties of the user, you can reflect them in the next update.

After that, they are free to do their own work. We usually develop based on the plan.

If you don’t understand or need a conversation in the plan, we will solve it through a conversation with the planner.

On Monday, a team-wide meeting will share the results of the game updates, and on Friday, Bubble game team members will gather to determine next week’s goals and tasks.


5. What are the roles and strengths of game programmers in game development?

I think the role of a game programmer is to allow the ideas and thoughts of the team members to actually work.

The role of a programmer is important because if there is no one to assemble even if there is a good design and good materials, the product is not made.

In order for ideas and ideas to work well, we also need communication skills to understand them clearly

You also need the ability to develop the right logic and study and apply the necessary technologies.


6. When did you feel the most rewarding while working?

I think it was when I heard feedback that Bubble Pop Origin was released and that the operation was much better than other Bubble Shooters in the company.

Manipulation is the part that I put the most effort into preparing for the new work. I repeated the process of playing other games with good manipulation, finding improvements, fixing logic and directing, and testing.

During the process, I was stressed out when things didn’t go as I thought, but the process of changing logic like this and that was fun.

As a result, I think that was the happiest moment when I received feedback that the operation felt better even in other people’s eyes.


7. What are your work challenges?

I think the programmer’s problem is that he has to keep learning and researching new skills while doing his job well.

I became a programmer because of that charm, but I still think it’s a difficult part. I usually participate in the annual technical conference and so on, as much as I can

When I know new technologies at work, I organize keywords and look for them again when I have time to solve my problems.


8. What are the core competencies required for the job and what are you doing to do them?

Greed to make a good game? I think that’s important.

Of course, the standard of a good game may be slightly different from each other, but I think the basic logic is fun and a game with a good sense of operation is a good game.

Because I have a desire to make games like that, I study to find techniques that I can use to make basic logic more fun, or to make the sense of operation better

We also conduct a study with related content.


9. How does Puzzle1studio support the growth of its game programmers?

Puzzle1studio is a company that values the growth of employees. You can freely receive support for books necessary for growth and assets that you can refer to.

In addition, we operate a COP (Community of Practice) for each job group.

In the dictionary sense, COP is a group that shares common interests or interests in topics and learns better ways together.

Programmer COPs often share problems or difficulties that arise from developing with each other, and they also share technologies that can solve them together or help them grow.

If you have colleagues who have the right field of interest within COP, you can conduct a study together.


10. Any advice for programmers who want to work at Puzzle1studio?

In Puzzle1studio, I think it’s more important for a programmer to have enough competence for his job or to like puzzle games than to have a major or any career.

Job competency will be helpful if you study basic knowledge about coding test preparation and programming, and if you like puzzle games, there will be no problem.


11. If you had a new member in your team, who would you like to work with?

I think it would be nice to be a person who has a desire to make a good game and who fulfills his responsibilities. I think I’m still working with people like that.

To make the project better with my team members, I talk a lot and think about it, and I make games based on that.

There are times when I get stressed out, but I also think it’s fun. I think it would be good if you enjoyed this conversation and concern and the process of reflecting it in the game.


12. Why did you choose a game company and why did you choose Puzzle1studio among various game companies?

I thought that choosing a game company was an environment where I could focus on my work because I like games and most of the game companies aim for a horizontal culture.

The reason why I chose Puzzle1studio was because of the blind interview. I liked it because I thought it was a company that valued job skills.


13. Please tell me if you have any special know-how to join Puzzle1studio.

It’s not a special know-how, but… I’m going to solve some algorithm problems, prepare some coding tests, and I’m going to play some beat mangoes before the interview

I think it was helpful to say that I like games well in the interview.


14. Please tell us what you want to achieve in Puzzle1studio.

We make the great puzzle games step by step. It’s a mission from the puzzle studio. I think what I want to achieve is similar to this mission.

I want to continue to grow and make better games than now, and I want to be a person who can do that for anyone.