[Interview] Game Director- Lim Woo Hyun

1. Please introduce yourself briefly.
Hello, I’m Game Director of Puzzle1studio’s COO Staff. I’m Lim Woo Hyun. Nice to meet you!

2. What do you do and what do you do in your team?
COO Staff consists of directors by job. It is composed of experts in tech, art, and planning to support the overall work of Puzzle1studio.

As a Game Director, I am working to improve game and level quality of major titles in the company, and to grow the planning profession (level design, game design).

Periodically check and manage the quality of new or key titles. In addition, we are planning to share and communicate in various ways such as COP, weekly meetings, 1O1, and slacks so that the planning job can grow, and ultimately improve the quality of the game by supporting the planning job from the core fun of the game to the work method.

3. I’m curious about the team’s daily schedule!
Share what you’re going to do today and get to work with the Daily Scrum.
After that, I mainly carry out tasks that can be helpful to the planning profession, such as level quality management and work for the growth of level/game designers.
I also answer questions related to my work whenever I have time.
The planning job group 1O1 is carried out every quarter, and if necessary, we are communicating through additional 1O1 or short hangouts.

4. When did you feel the most rewarding while working?
I was in charge of the Bubble Shooter genre, <Bubble Pop Origin!>, from new to updated, and I felt that the game and I were growing together.
Last December, I remember the highest sales ranking among the same genres.

5. What are your business challenges?
As I carry out various tasks simultaneously, there are times when certain tasks are delayed depending on the priority, so I am a little worried that it may be completed later than originally planned.
So, I pay more attention to this part when I adjust the workload considering the schedule for next week every Friday.

6. What are you doing to strengthen your job competency?
I am continuously studying and looking at game conference materials related to game director and producer jobs.
Also, I have to lead and manage the planning position, so I think I keep looking for related books and videos.

Recently, I read a book called “The Birth of a Team Leader,” which is very similar to the author’s situation, so I enjoyed reading it and learned more about management with various examples.
Afterwards, I was able to easily prepare questions that could be helpful from the perspective of IC (Individual Contributor) while proceeding with 1O1.

7. As a Game Director, would you give advice to applicants in the planning profession (level design, game design)?
I hope you can analyze and think about the fun and play experience of the game.
I would appreciate it if you could learn the importance of FTUE (=first user experience) and learn about it in terms of level design and game design.
I hope you play a lot of top-grossing games in the North American market and puzzle genre.
If you have experience in data analysis and data-based decision-making, it will be very helpful.

8. Who would you like to work with if a new team member came in?
I hope you like puzzle games and have a lot of understanding and interest in users and mobile environment!

9. Why did you choose a game company and why did you choose Puzzle One Studio among various game companies?
The best thing was that we focused on developing mobile puzzle games. The portfolio I prepared was also a mobile puzzle game, so I thought I could work based on my experience in game development.
I expected that it would be difficult to work as a puzzle genre because the RPG is strong due to its unique structure in the domestic market. In contrast, I liked that Puzzle One Studio aimed at the global and North American markets.

10. If you have any special know-how to join Puzzle One Studio, please share it with us!
I had a lot of experience participating in projects with my team members. In particular, the experience of planning and developing mobile puzzle games as Unity was the most important.
The experience of team project experience and even launching mobile puzzle games helped me a lot when I was working.

11. What do you want to achieve in Puzzle1studio?
I joined Puzzle1studio before it was spun off from Beat Mango, and I’ve been working with the company for nearly six years on its explosive growth.
I would like to improve the curriculum and build materials that can help the planning staff grow further.
I hope that I can continue to grow with Puzzle1studio without any brakes!