[Interview] Art Director - Park Yang Jun

1. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, I’m Park Yang Jun, the Art Director of Puzzle1studio’s COO Staff team.


2. What do you do and what do you do in your team?

The COO Staff team is composed of experts in the fields of Tech, Art, and Planning necessary for game development to support the overall work of Puzzle1studio.

For example, Tech Director addresses the technical challenges that arise with in-house programs, while Level Analyst manages to create a healthy level.

As an Art Director, I am in charge of aligning the direction of the company to artists, supporting them to produce optimal art performances, and producing the necessary productions for games.


3. I’m curious about the team’s daily schedule!

Share what you’re going to do today and get to work with the Daily Scrum.

After that, I produce the production necessary for the aforementioned game and mainly carry out tasks that can help the art profession, such as the work for the growth of in-house artists.


4. What is ArtDirector’s role and strength in game development?

As Art Director, I’m currently playing the role of sharing the direction that I want to go in Puzzle One Studio with artists and aligning them.

Through this process, we are improving the quality of in-house art and leading artists to set challenging goals and grow.


5. When did you feel the most rewarding while working?

For the growth and good results of the art profession, we regularly conduct 1O1 and art feedback with artists to help them motivate their work continuously.

Through these efforts, I feel rewarded when artists receive good results, grow together, and lead to good results.


6. What are your business challenges?

There is a pressure to understand the overall contents of art such as UI, won, and production.

So I’ve been taking a look at puzzle game trends and references.


7. What are you doing to strengthen your job competency?

Before I became Art Director, I focused on policing trendy productions and learning new techniques when I was working as an Effector.

Since taking on the role of Art Director, I have been looking for trendy art references and polishing them.


8. What advice would you give to applicants for the art profession as Art Director?

It would be nice to get away from the domestic art style and understand and enjoy the art style and game style of the global puzzle game. I hope you have an eye to quickly understand and apply the changing trends.


9. Who would you like to work with if a new team member came in?

Rather than enjoying the downhill speed, I’d like to work with someone who can pull and push me up the hill.

Of course, it is important to have good skills, but the project is not done alone.


10. Why did you choose a game company and why did you choose puzzle one among various game companies?

The game included all the things I liked. So I wanted to make a game since I was young.

Until I joined the company, I didn’t know the details of Puzzle One Studio, but after joining the company, I felt attracted by experiencing the data-based decision-making method.

I joined Bitmangoro before I joined the company and have been here for about 5 years now, and I want to continue to grow together.


11. If you have any special know-how to join Puzzle One Studio, please share it with us!

Although I had experience producing puzzle games a long time ago, I mainly produced domestic RPG games before I joined the company, and I would not have a higher understanding of puzzle games than other people.

However, we talked about how we can collaborate well and how flexible we can cope with issues to create a good game, and I think this part worked.


12. I wonder what you want to achieve in Puzzle1studio in the future!

I want to continue to make good games with the charm of Puzzle1studio.

Also, I want to grow not only by myself, but also by sharing insights with many artists in the company.