[Interview] Tech Director - Kim Jae Ki

1. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, I’m Kim Jae Ki, the Tech Director of Puzzle1studio.


2. What do you do and what do you do in your team?

I am working to help COO in COO Staff to solve technical problems and improve the quality of all games in the company.


3. What’s the atmosphere of the team?

I usually work quietly during business hours because I’m focused on my work.


4. I’m curious about your daily routine.

In the morning, I tend to check issues about daily scrums and major titles and attend a lot of meetings. Then proceed with the planned work according to the priority. When there is a problem in the middle, there are times when requests come, so I sometimes spend time solving them.


5. What are the roles and strengths of game programmers in game development?

The role of a game programmer is to make the game work reliably without bugs and to help other parts work comfortably.Since planning and art are completed through the hands of the programmer, the more meticulous the game programmer works, the higher the quality of the game.


6. When did you feel the most rewarding while working?

I feel the most rewarding when I see the game working well by making it moveable.


7. What are your work challenges?

Since I’m a Tech Director, I’m a little disappointed that I can’t focus on one task because there are many things to care about, such as game technology quality management/improvement and education curriculum to support the growth of in-house programmers.


8. What are the core competencies required for the job and what are you doing to do them?

A programmer needs logical thinking. In order not to lose touch, I keep solving simple coding test questions. Also, it is important to acquire technical knowledge, so I usually try to know new skills by reading books.


9. How does Puzzle One Studio support the growth of its game programmers?

Through mentoring, we help newcomers write well in the company, and through study meetings, we are creating an atmosphere of studying about the field they want. There are various meetings such as reading, personal projects, and coding tests.


10. Any advice for programmers who want to work at Puzzle1studio?

It would be nice if you have computer engineering knowledge and logical thinking skills. It would be better if you like puzzle games.


11. If you had a new member in your team, who would you like to work with?

I think it would be the best if I were someone who could make what I thought of course!


12. Why did you choose a game company and why did you choose Puzzle1studio among various game companies?

I applied for a game company because I like games, and I chose Puzzle1studio because I like making various puzzle games.


13. Please tell me if you have any special know-how to join Puzzle1studio.

I think I’ve appealed my strengths well in interviews and coding tests with my experience so far.


14. Please tell us what you want to achieve in Puzzle1studio.

I think it’s time to build a foundation. I want to prepare well and continue to make and release high-quality games.