A lot of people have been waiting for it, and more people know it than you think. Puzzle One Studio’s Halloween Day!

Shall we go see the scene together? 🙂



Not too long ago, Halloween Day…..

I went to work, and an invitation for the webfoot octopus game(A parody of the squid game) arrived on my desk?!

(👀 👀)



Ready to be the last survivor of the webfoot octopus game!

Even if it’s not 45.6 billion won, you have to participate Ha Ha!



It’s the day of the long-awaited webfoot octopus game!

Is it the same office where you left work last week?.?

It wouldn’t be weird if a ghost came out right now.



The details are crazy Every corner from A to Z is filled with HALOWEEN vibe 🎃

Do you want to play a game with me?



Oh, yes! Of course, we did many things ^___^

We play slap-match, play a game of the ground, and play a game of the palm games

Who will win while our webfoot octopus agents are watching?



I’ve never known marbles and crocodile games to be so thrilling and thrilling in my life…..?

The Mugunghwa flowers bloomed!



And the long-awaited rose of Sharon has bloomed! H_H

Mugunghwa flowers in their 20s and 30s, the average age, were more fun than I imagined!

Didn’t you all want to say, “The Mugunghwa flowers bloomed?”

Puzzle One Studio satisfies that kind of heart! 🌟


“Please stop giving it to me! You’ll all be dead at this rate! I’m so full that I’m going to die!


The last thing that makes this fun shine is delicious food🍕🍺

We don’t prepare too much! I enjoyed a generous amount of pizza and beer.



Everyone had a happy and fun time

Let’s smile together and make precious memories. Refreshing complete!



💛_Octopus squad, thank you for your hard work_❤️