Chuseok Event



How was your Chuseok?

We couldn’t miss the national holidayOh!

What are we? We’re the people of excitement

So we prepared an exciting and fun Chuseok event~~



Anyone can tell that it’s autumn and Chuseok.

Puzzle One Studio doesn’t do anything roughlyOh!

Are you ready to be surprised?



If you go to Puzzle One Studio, there’s a monk, a master, a hunter, and an udon.

[Suddenly serious] It’s not a Halloween posting, everyone. It’s Chuseok. Just…H_H(Our people who are serious about makeup)



Vases used from the game with marbles, Korean shuttlecock! and a game of slap-match

… after this hoksswi jeungmal the folk village whether or not ….? …

People full of passion, the studio – a crossword puzzle!



Compensation, in the game company Game is!

We haver broken the quest. firmly packed for him.Oh!

Distiller’s grain and a hunter pretty / an unusual scene is a woodcutter is a gift.

What I can see the only one here!



There will be no one who eats well, plays well, and spends Chuseok happily like us

Every time ‘ below the studio a crossword puzzle!

These don’t want to do with us? ❤️

The following Halloween events! (yegoje).

Please expect I’ll soon come back to. 😘